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OWLIA® outdoor spotlights for wood decks

Added style to beautify your outdoor space

Easy to install
Guaranteed for 3 years
spot terrasse
Know everything
  • 10 spotlights + 12 V transformer + remote control (white spotlight option)
  • Plug & Play - 12 V
  • White or RGB (colours)
  • Diameters: ø45 mm - ø60 mm - ø80 mm
  • Remote control for Smartphone (optional)
  • Power remote with dimmer


Transformer power
Very low voltage
Connection system
« Plug & Play »
75 to 200 lumens - white spotlights
12 to 45 lumens - RGB colour spotlights
3 years
Intensity dimmer
With radio frequency remote control (50 m)
Pre-drilling with a hole saw
spot terrasse la nuit

The deck : a new outdoor living space!

Who hasn't hung out on their deck at night with friends and family?

The deck has progressively become a lively, comfortable and festive living space around the house, where it feels great to relax, share a meal or organise parties! The number of outdoor product offers demonstrates this ever-growing expansion. Garden lounges, pergolas, barbecues and ponds: all participate in terms of ingenuity, creativity and design to beautify your outdoor space. And lighting is no exception!

Enhancing your furniture or garden, beautifying your deck or simply outlining access paths: lights can be essential in highlighting your outdoor space! Lamps, lampposts, spotlights, wall or suspended lights, all types and styles of light are possible!

Built-in spotlights - OWLIA® lighting

We have developed an entire range of OWLIA® built-in spotlights, mainly intended for deck lighting. Decorative or practical, OWLIA® lights bring an aesthetic touch to your outdoor spaces, while creating this comfortable and warm atmosphere. They may also play a functional role by marking the edges of swimming pools, marking access paths or highlighting bushes, flowers or house façades.

Their installation is extremely simple. A single connection to the mains is enough to power between 10 and 15 spotlights (depending on their size). The "Plug & Play" connection principle helps to connect spots in series with extreme rapidity! Their embedding in the ground is very discreet and modern. Each kit is composed of a dimmer connected to a remote control to adjust light intensity. For RGB colour kits, a smartphone interface is even offered to synchronise light intensity with music. Going from a soft ambiance to a more festive one is as easy as a single click!

Waterproof and stainless steel lighting adapted for the outdoors

OWLIA® lighting is classified IP67 (for Ingress Protection). This index meets existing electrical safety standards. The two numbers correspond to degrees of protection: the first for resistance to foreign bodies and dust, and the second for waterproofing and moisture resistance. Electrical risks may have serious repercussions for users in case of defective materials (electrification, electrocution or fire) and are therefore subject to rigorous regulation. Any outdoor electric installation must thus be perfectly safe!

Waterproof and stainless steel lighting adapted for the outdoors

For outdoor use, a spotlight or light must at least meet IP23 classification (covered installation - resistance to water without waterproofing) and extends to IP68 classification (prolonged immersion). The IP67 classification ensures perfect sealing and supports temporary immersion. Moreover, A2 stainless steel (304) is perfectly suitable for conventional outdoor uses. By complying with these criteria, you may use OWLIA® spotlights safely and fully benefit from your deck or your garden!

Installation of white spotlights

Owlia deck spotlights are very easily installed with a 12 volt adaptor. You may add an optional module to control the light intensity of your spotlights. This module is provided with a remote control.

Installation of coloured spotlights

Coloured spotlights are provided with an intensity and colour dimmer. You can quickly change the mood with the kit's remote control. These 10 spots can easily be installed, and they are available in three different diameters

Lumen...what is this word that appears on each light bulb box?

Measuring unit implemented in the 2000s, lumen is the new value defining the light intensity of a bulb. Bye bye Watts (well, almost)! With the arrival on the market of more efficient technologies that consume less electricity, such as LED (light-emitting diode), relying on Watts to define the light intensity of a lamp has become obsolete.  Explanation: Watts directly define the power of a bulb and, consequently, its light radiance. However, with more efficient technologies (such as LED), the electrical consumption of an LED bulb is lower for an equivalent radiance! Yield is better, and here comes the appearance of...the lumen! This measurement unit also takes into account the perception of the human eye. The lumen takes into consideration the light flow delivered by a light bulb through the human eye. Hence, it answers the question: "How well does it illuminate?" » ! More subjective than Watts but more concrete, lumens have been established as the common value when speaking of light intensity.

All packaging now characterises light power (in reality, light intensity) of lights by  lumen values. Now, how much light intensity is needed to properly light up a living space? This is where "lux" comes in. Lux corresponds to a light flow distributed over a given surface: 1 lux is equivalent to 1 lumen for 1 m². Their magnitude is enormous, since 1 lux corresponds to a full moon night and 130,000 lux corresponds to a very sunny summer day. All public places or living spaces are thus regulated (150 lux to read or work, 50 lux to light a street, etc.). Outdoor spaces in your garden are no exception! Lighting a path must meet 20 lux, whatever the placement they are in.

With intensities of 75 to 200 lumens, OWLIA® spotlights were designed to comply with these standards in order for you to benefit from adequate lighting safely in your outdoor living spaces. Be sure however to comply with maximum 2 m spacing between each lamp for appropriate lighting! The RGB (colour) version brings a decorative touch to your deck. The installation of an intensity dimmer for our (optional) white spotlight range will help you better manage the desired ambiance with more or less light intensity and will help you prolong the lifespan of your lights.

  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • White or Colours (RGB)
  • kit de 10 spots / à l'unité
  • Diameter: 45 mm
  • White or Colours (RGB)
  • 10 spotlight kit - per unit
Variateur d'intensité

Dimmer with remote control


The following components are available:

- In kits of 10 white spotlights for 20 linear metres (Ø45, Ø60)

- In kits of 10 coloured spotlights for 20 linear metres (Ø45, Ø60)

- In 1 count white spotlight (Ø45, Ø60)

- In 1 count colour spotlight (Ø45, Ø60)

- Intensity dimmer with remote control for white spotlight

- Intensity and colour dimmer with remote control for coloured spotlight

- Intensity dimmer with smartphone connection (coloured spotlights only)

- Transformer (30 Watts)

Technical documents

  • Fiche produit SOFIA OWLIA.pdf
  • Fiche produit SIROS OWLIA.pdf
  • NOTICE Telecommande OWLIA Blanc Chaud- 0822.pdf
  • Notice Telecommande RGB_FR.pdf

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