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Composite Cladding

LUXO facade cladding – ALUW® Technology
WEO® 35 composite cladding
WEO® 60 composite cladding
WEO Classic – Composite cladding
WEO® Brise-Soleil
composite cladding coextrusion

A New Technology : Co-Extrusion

WEO® composite cladding boards use the latest composite wood manufacturing technology:
co-extrusion. A thin layer of polyethylene is applied to the surface of the board sealing the
composite wood. The polyethylene film protects the product from humidity, prevents the colour from fading and stops stains from forming.

Mastering this new technology has made it possible for Fiberdeck to guarantee our WEO
cladding boards for 20 years against the appearance of splits, color changes and stains.

weo composite cladding boards

A Range of Innovative Profiles

WEO composite cladding is available with clapboard and false louvre profiles.

False Louvre Profiles: WEO 35 and WEO 60 are available in false louvre profiles. These profiles are compatible and can be combined to create an alternating slat pattern.

The WEO Classic is available in a clapboard profile. It can be installed without any visible
screws using a stainless steel clip.

These three profiles are all available in 4 colors with chromatic variations that imitate natural wood shades.

The WEO Brise-Soleil completes Fiberdeck’s range of composite cladding and is available in 3
different sizes: 40x60 mm, 50x100 mm, 60x120 mm.

composite cladding on modern house

Vertical or Horizontal Installation?

WEO 35 and 60 cladding boards can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The
trapezoidal profile of the boards ensures good rainwater drainage.
For all our profiles, it is necessary to take into account a longitudinal expansion of 1 mm per
meter of the material to allow for any expansion that may occur due to temperature variations.
Take care to leave an expansion gap of 5 mm between each junction.

Fixing of the cladding is invisible. Depending on the type of slats, the cladding is either attached
using stainless steel clips or colour headed screws that are placed in the hollow of the wave.
A range of aluminum accessories (corner, starter rails) is available to facilitate finishing.

composite cladding maintenance

Maintenance Reduced to a Minimum

WEO cladding boards require very little maintenance. The discoloration and accelerated aging tests, carried out in certified European laboratories, prove that the material will not discolor.
There is no need to spend money on protective oil or paint. The cladding, protected by its thin layer of co-extrusion, is also completely waterproof.
Unlike other wood composites, the surface of Fiberdeck material is not porous. Particles and
dust are not able to penetrate the wood composite. Clumps of dirt, moss or other lichens can be removed with a simple brush.

Maintenance is quick and easy. Cleaning with clear water is sufficient.

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