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WEO® 60 composite cladding

A modern open-joint profile cladding

composite cladding weo 60
20 Years Warranty
95% recycled
Dark Grey
Everything to know about WEO 60 cladding
  • Stunning exotic wood imitation
  • Modern open-joint appearance
  • 20 years colour guarantee
  • Easy to install

48-72h delivery


60% sawdust + 40% HDPE
Modulus of elasticity
5,7 Gpa - Center distance 660 mm
NF EN 15534-1 +A1
Linear mass
2,59 kg/lm
33 x 170mm
Linear thermal expansion
37,3 10-6 K-1
dL≤ 50,0.10-6 Passe
Thermal Conductivity
0.19738W/m·K (CE EN14041)
Bending strength
39,96 Mpa - Distance 660 mm
Moisture content
0,22% (EN322)
Brinell scale
8.2N/mm2 (EN15534)
Water absorption
Test : EN ISO 11925-2
EN 13501-1 + A1
D - s1, d0
Product benefits
  • Co-extrusion layer
  • Tongue and groove assembly
  • Maintenance free

Water-Resistant Facade Cladding With A Real Wood Look

Wood cladding : warm but too expensive to maintain? The solution is WEO composite cladding!

WEO cladding boards are waterproof. The co-extrusion layer protects the wood composite material, creating a waterproof barrier against the ingress of moisture. When installed horizontally, the trapezoidal profile allows rainwater to drain and prevents water from stagnating. Our exclusive co-extrusion technology comes with a 20 year guarantee against moisture ingress, insect attack and, most importantly, against any discolouration or fading.

WEO composite cladding combines the durability of co-extrusion and the warm appearance of wood. The false open-joint profile, trendy and modern, gives rhythm to the facade while preserving the natural character and warmth of wood. Random nuances in colours reinforce the realistic impression of a natural, untreated material.

The composite solution allows you to get the look of warm, natural wood cladding without the expensive maintenance or worry.

Quick and Easy to Install

The WEO 60 profile is stabilized by its underside, or backing layer. Its large cells are also reinforced in the middle for better shock resistance.

WEO 60 composite cladding is installed in the same way as WEO 35 cladding, using coloured screws or a stainless steel screw screwed into the recessed tongue and groove. The profile also features lugs on the back to ensure ventilation between the support and the cladding.

The WEO board coating is rot-proof and has no risk of any moisture pick-up. Air circulation is only for ventilation of the support.

A 20 Year Warranty Against Discolouration and Fading!

All woods, and even some first generation composite woods, tend to fade or discolor over time. Even wood that has been factory treated with a saturator can only be safely guaranteed for up to 5 years.

The beautiful silvery-gray appearance of wood is valued for its color, but depending on its exposure and age, it will eventually degrade and have non-homogenous discolourations that alter its aesthetic.

WEO composite cladding allows you to get that exclusive wood look without worrying about fading or discolouration. WEO composite cladding is covered with a thin layer of anti-UV treated co-extrusion, which protects the cladding boards from water and sun damage. This polyethylene-based waterproof film considerably reduces facade maintenance and maintains board colour over time. The film is fused to the core of the composite profile and will not detach.

We guarantee that your WEO composite cladding will retain its original color for many years to come.

A Modern and Trendy Profile

Wooden siding is becoming increasingly popular. Boards with distinct designs and small joints break the uniform and give rhythm to a facade. The installation of this type of plank is often long and tedious and requires very stable wood.

WEO 60 cladding has a false skeleton profile that allows it to be installed quickly and easily. Two possible installation choices, vertical or horizontal, accentuate the perception of height or depth for exterior facades. The 60mm wide slats are evenly spaced 10 mm apart. They are lightweight, stable and easy to install with our mounting system.

It is also possible to mix the WEO 35 and WEO 60 profiles to create more variation. These composite panels perfectly imitate the open-joint appearance of wood cladding and create a striking, modern facade.

Ideal for Outdoor insulation

The insulation of our buildings is an important issue in helping to reduce our carbon impact.

The honeycomb profile of WEO facade cladding, in combination with insulation, provides an insulation solution that is very close to that of wood. WEO cladding is more durable than wood cladding and requires less maintenance. It is also an ideal product for places that are exposed to bad weather conditions (humidity, sun, moisture, etc.).

WEO composite boards are fully compatible with External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), and can adapt to any insulation system (e.g. RedAir System). WEO composite cladding is the perfect choice for renovations, extensions, single-family homes, residential buildings or public-access buildings.

A Remarkably Natural Looking Imitation Wood

The texture of WEO cladding is similar to that of a living material. It is made up of a set of micro-reliefs and depressions, that resemble natural wood. To the naked eye, the product looks as if it has natural surface fibers.

In order to further enhance that real wood look, the colors on the cladding are not homogeneous. They are composed of several multi-colored pigments that randomly mix to mimic the grain of a wooden plank.

When compared with natural wood, the resemblance is striking. But that's where the comparison ends, because, unlike wood, WEO cladding is extremely durable and is insensitive to light and UV discolouration. The material is composed of sawdust that is mixed with polyethylene. This polyethylene-based waterproof film considerably reduces façade maintenance and maintains board colour over time. The original colour of WEO cladding is guaranteed for up to 20 years. WEO cladding is also completely resistant to weather and insect infestation. With WEO cladding you get a natural, warm wood look that is guaranteed to last.

A stable cell profile with lugs

The WEO®60 profile is stabilized thanks to its underside.

The WEO®60 composite cladding structure is equipped with lugs on the backs of boards, which naturally create a thin space for air between the support and the siding. In vertical installations, they help install boards on a simple wood or metal frame only. Another advantage, the WEO® board coating is rot-proof and has no risk of any moisture pick-up. Air circulation is only for ventilation of the support.

WEO® 60 cladding is composed of a mixture of sawdust (50%) and high density polyethylene (40%). This composite material used in the manufacture of WEO cladding comes from 95% recycled products and is 100% recyclable. Polymer (PEHD) is the result of reprocessing recycled plastic waste, more specifically, waste from plastic bottles. The wood particles are recovered from reusable waste created by the wood industry.

WEO-Facade Cladding contains no toxic products and there is no risk of VOC emissions. It is completely safe to have in your home, business or any public space. WEO products are a great ecological alternative to tropical wood.

WEO® composite cladding

Technical documents

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