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Composite Decking

HERITAGE composite decking
vintage composite decking board
VINTAGE composite decking
MANHATTAN composite decking
BROOKLYN composite decking
long lasting composite decking

A Deck Made To Last

This is the place where you will host gatherings with family and friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

This is the place that will welcome your children's first steps, their first drawings, and late night discussions under the stars. BBQ’s, birthdays, lively Saturday evenings and lazy Sunday
afternoons will all be spent there.

A place meant for gathering and fun and for peace and quiet. A place where you can put your feet up and bask in the sunlight on a beautiful summer day or warm up with a cup of coffee on a crisp autumn morning.

This place is an extension of your home. Fiberdeck composite decking creates a place for you
to enjoy those brief moments and little nothings, that end up meaning everything. Our decks will give you a new place to work, play and relax.

HERITAGE Composite Board

Fiberdeck’s HERITAGE composite decking is made to look like exotic wood. The board's
irregularities give it a unique and natural appearance.

Available in three colors: Ocean Grey, Indian Summer and Havana Brown.

Vintage composite decking board old wood

VINTAGE Composite Board

The VINTAGE composite decking board is the synthesis of all Fiberdeck's technical know-how and creative strength. The board has a raw appearance and features deep veining to mimic the look of aged wood.

Available in three colors: Wenge, Lunar Grey and Graphite

BROOKLYN Composite Board

The BROOKLYN composite board is light and offers mechanical resistance to bending.
It is also reversible. One side features a matte brushed finish and the other a grained wood look.

Available in four colours: Dark Grey, Teck, Ipé and Light Grey.

20 years long lasting composite decking

Our Promise

Fiberdeck’s decking boards are guaranteed for at least 20 years. We promise peace of mind. That means no stains, splits or fading. Each board is also treated against attacks by insects or fungi.

Our decks are made to last and require minimal maintenance. We are proud to offer a high
quality product that is also sustainable. All our composite woods are made of 95% recycled
plastics and certified wood waste.

composite decking profile

Three Different Profiles

HERITAGE, VINTAGE and MANHATTAN boards have a solid section and contain more
material. This makes them more resistant to bending. They are perfect for residential or
professional decks with high traffic.
It is important to note that there is a difference between boards where both sides can be used, and scalloped/fluted boards which contain less material on the underside.

Our HERITAGE board, for example, is manufactured with a scalloped profile.

The BROOKLYN board has a tubular section, which gives it lightness and mechanical
resistance. It is perfectly suited for residential use.

maintenance free composite board

Easy Living

Fiberdeck promises a deck that stands out for the moments of outdoor living that it makes
possible. We want you to spend time enjoying your deck, not maintaining it.

No Maintenance

With that goal in mind, the maintenance of our deck boards has been reduced to a strict minimum. Cleaning with clear water is sufficient. Unlike other wood composites, the surface of Fiberdeck material is not porous. There is no need to spend money on protective oil or paint.
The co-extrusion technology stabilizes the colour and protects against stains, guaranteeing a
durable appearance. The boards are also resistant to insect attacks and fungi.

clip fastening decking

Simple and Quick Installation

The entire Fiberdeck decking system has been designed around the use of CobraFastener®
fixing clips. No need for clamps, vices or plank spacers, the Cobra® clip reduces the
construction time of a deck by at least 30%, compared to a screwed installation.

Only one screw is needed per clip and thanks to the self-drilling tip, a simple end piece (sold
with the clips and screws) is needed to fix the Cobra® fastener to the joist

wonderfull composite decking board

A Guaranteed Splinter-Free Deck

Fiberdeck decking boards are guaranteed splinter-free making them ideal for outdoor living.
Our boards are mounted using an invisible installation system, which means that there are no screws on the surface of the boards. This provides great safety when walking barefoot. No more tripping or stubbed toes to worry about.

Only inert materials are used in the composition of the composite wood of the Fiberdeck
decking boards. No glues, solvents or any other harmful products are used. Only recycled
plastic, wood flour residues and mineral filler

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