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EXOTICS composite deck boards

The authentic beauty of Ipé for life

Ipé Brown
Ipé Yellow
Ipé Red
All you need to know
  • Co-extruded deck board
  • 2-sided smooth matte finish
  • Color Ipé Red / Yellow / Brown
  • Multi-chromatic shades
  • Stain and fade resistant

Installation of EXOTICS boards

A unique concept: 3 shades for greater authenticity

EXOTICS co-extruded deck boards from Fiberdeck® precisely imitate the authentic appearance of Ipé boards, faithfully reflecting every shade and variation of this species. From olive green to dark brown, red and yellow, all the subtleties of color are meticulously reproduced in this new set of composite wood deck boards.

3 colors to choose from: Red, Yellow and Brown. Each EXOTICS composite deck board is two-tone, offering two variations: Red/Yellow and Red/Brown. The intermediate Red shade is shared by all boards, ensuring visual homogeneity on your deck.

Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you have the freedom to introduce touches of Yellow and Brown color to accentuate the authentic wood look of Ipé, personalizing your outdoor space to your unique taste.

Product highlights
  • Co-extruded protective layer
  • Reversible profile: 2 useful two-tone faces
  • Slot for Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clip


40% recycled polyethylene + 60% FSC® wood fibre
1170 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity
3100 MPa
0.0389 mm/m/°C
Delta E = 1.09 < 5
23 x 138 x 4000 mm
Type of extrusion
360° co-extrusion
Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clip

Installation with Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clip

EXOTICS composite deck boards must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions, using Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clips. A bag of 90 clips is enough to fix around 5 m2 of boards.

These new bi-material clips hold the stainless steel screws in place during installation. This saves considerable installation time. What's more, the universal stainless steel screws are self-drilling in softwoods, exotic woods and aluminum joists.

Boards fastened with Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clips are easily removed without uninstalling the entire deck.

Maximum joist spacing for EXOTICS boards is 40cm. We recommend applying a bituminous strip to wooden joists to prolong their durability.


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