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VINTAGE composite decking

Naturally looking decking

No stain
Easy to install
20-years warranty
Lunar Grey
All you need to know
  • 4-sided co-extruded decking board
  • One side aged and one side smooth
  • 2 widths available: 138 and 210mm
  • 3 multi-chromatic old wood colours
  • Cobra® Hybrid removable deck board and invisible fastener
  • 20-year warranty against stains and fading

A true to life, aged wood look

The solid composite VINTAGE decking board successfully imitates the surface of an aged decking board. The surface pores, the wood grain and the wood grain pattern are reproduced with an inimitable texture that is very close to the real thing.

The colours Wengé, Graphite and Lunar Grey are also very well reproduced with a range of shades from exotic smoky rosewood to wood faded due to by the sun's UV rays. The warm colours, ranging from silver to bronze with varying degrees of gradation, give the decking a warm character.

VINTAGE composite decking provides a feeling of warmth due to its texture of wood aged over the years and with cracks and fissures. It retains all the advantages of wood composite in terms of low maintenance, but above all it maintains its intense colours over time.

Product highlights
  • 360° co-extruded protection
  • Reversible profile: 2 useful sides
  • Cobra®Hybrid stainless steel clip fastening

48-72h delivery


60% wood fibre + 40% HD polyethylene
1.15mm / Delta 30°C
22,5 x 138 x 4000 mm
22,5 x 210 x 4000 mm
22,5 x 138 x 4000 mm - plinth
1170 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity
Cobra®Hybrid clip
Modulus of elasticity
couche co-extrudée sur lame de terrasse

360° protection against weathering and fading

A co-extruded polyethylene film covers the entire VINTAGE board and effectively protects the wood composite against water and any form regained from of moisture. A powerful UV stabiliser ensures that the colour remains intact for 20 years. The recorded expansion is very low with only 1.15mm per linear metre at a temperature difference of 30°.

Cobra® Hybrid 8-18 Installation clip

Fiberdeck® VINTAGE boards must be installed according to the installation instructions with Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clips. A bag of 90 clips allows about 5 m2 of boards to be installed.

These bi-material clips (304 stainless steel + HDPE polymer) hold the boards in place effectively thanks to their hooks on the underside. This saves a lot of time during installation. In addition, the universal stainless-steel screws are self-drilling in softwoods, exotic woods and aluminium joists.

VINTAGE boards fixed with Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clips can be easily removed without dismantling the entire deck. Please note that for decking near to the sea, we recommend the use of 316 stainless-steel screws.

The maximum joist spacing for VINTAGE boards is 40cm. Applying a bituminous strip to the softwood joists to prolong their durability is advisable, or better still using STRUCTURAL aluminium joists.

Fiberdeck warrants that VINTAGE decking for a period of 20 years under normal and proper service and installation conditions in accordance with Fiberdeck's written instructions, will be free from defects in workmanship, splitting, delaminating, rotting or structural damage caused by mildew, fungus, wood-boring insects or termites.

Fiberdeck warrants VINTAGE decking to be stain and fade resistant when installed and used in residential applications.

VINTAGE decking is stain-resistant and long-lasting thanks to a co-extrusion process covering the decking with a pure polyethylene film to ensure a perfect seal. Maintenance is therefore easy and limited to a simply cleaning with water.

95% recycled raw material

VINTAGE composite decking is made from 95% recycled raw materials and the boards are also fully recyclable.

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from the recycling of plastic waste (e.g. plastic bottles) and the wood fibre from sawdust from secondary processing companies such as furniture and joinery manufacturers.

The manufacture of VINTAGE composite decking does not endanger tropical forests and is an attractive alternative to exotic woods.


Screw-on finishing boards

A range of screw-in boards with the same cross-section as the VINTAGE boards, but without grooves on the fields and with a cross-section of 22.5x138mm, can be used to make coping stones, steps, hoppers, and also provide a finishing strip around the terrace.

WPC 5x63mm stainless steel cobra screws, which are rust resistant and available in the same colour as the boards for greater discretion, can be used to attach the skirting boards and finishing boards.

Finally, using an aluminium angle to ensure the peripheral contour of the deck and to mask the junction between 2 grooved boards is always possible.

Technical documents

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