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Cobra® D-LOCK deck fastening clip

Universal and invisible fastening for your decks

Know everything
  • Universal clip for 20 to 28 mm thick deck boards
  • Fastening system adapted to non-grooved deck boards
  • Full kit: clips, stainless steel screws and roofing square
  • Robust and resistant to moisture
  • Adaptable for 90 to 150 mm wide boards

A universal clip for wood & composite wood deck boards

Our universal Cobra® D-LOCK invisible fastening system is adapted to all types of square-edged deck boards, made of wood or composite wood, 90 to 150 mm wide, and at least 20 mm thick.

Preferably, joists should be 70 mm wide.

The kit has everything you will need to install your deck. One kit corresponds to a 4 m² surface area for an average centre-to-centre distance of 50 cm between joists and 140 mm wide boards.


Clip thickness
8 mm
Clip material
Polymer of POM type (polyoxymethylene)
250 kg before warping
350 kg before rupture
110 fastening clips, size: 23x60x8mm
15 Start/End clips
250 stainless steel screws: 4 x 25 mm
55 stainless steel screws: 4 x 40 mm
1 drilling template
4 board spacers: DECKSPACER
Covered surface
About 4 m2

Four steps of Cobra® D-LOCK clip installation

Full Cobra® D-LOCK kit

  • 110 fastening clips, size: 23x60x8mm
  • 15 Start/End clips
  • 250 stainless steel screws: 4 x 25 mm
  • 55 stainless steel screws: 4 x 40 mm
  • 1 metal drilling template
  • 4 board spacers: DECKSPACER®
formule POM

High-quality POM polymer

Structurally designed with many reinforcements, Cobra® D-LOCK is manufactured with POM-type polymer materials: polyoxymethylene. Thanks to its structure and high crystallinity, POM offers very good physical characteristics: high resistance to traction and impacts; excellent resistance to fatigue; very good resistance to chemical agents. This material displays excellent resistance to extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C.

schéma du D-lock

Very good board ventilation

COBRA® D-LOCK clips are 8 mm thick. This thickness separates the deck board from the joist. Thus, the clip enables good circulation of air and water between the joist and the deck board. This is an advantage with regards to the traditional fastening system, which flattens the board against the joist.

test technique à l'arrachement

250 kg of stripping resistance

Our clip resists over 250 kg before warping and more than 350 kg before rupture. 

Many tests were conducted by ICAM under scientific conditions. The Cobra D-Lock clip is extremely resistant and guarantees great stability.

A 4-step installation

The Cobra® D-LOCK is very simply installed using a drilling template included in the kit. This metal square makes it possible to do pre-drilling directly on the deck board. Cobra® D-LOCK clips are then very easily screwed in, without positioning errors.

Here are the 4 steps of installation and the use of different components provided in the kit:

  1. START:Positioning and fastening of the starting board with Start/End clips.
  2. NEXT:Fastening the following boards which fit into each other with the standard Cobra® D-LOCK clip.
  3. CROSS: Fastening the 2 boards at the junction on a single 70 mm wide joist
  4. END: Fastening the last board using a Start/End clip
installation du clip cobra d lock

START - First board fastener

1 - Place the start clip against the joist, leaving an 8 mm clearance from the wall and screw it with two 4 x 245 mm stainless steel screws.

2 - Using a square, trace a mark on the board in order to position the start clip on it. Mark two drill points with the square.

installation phase 2 du cobra d Lock

START - Continued

3 - Drill holes with a 3 mm diameter wood bit, then screw in the start clip and the standard clip on the deck board with 4 x 25 mm stainless steel screws.

4 - Flip the board, and insert it in the start clip until it stops.

installation du clip invisible cobra d-lock

NEXT - Installation of following board

5 - Using the drilling template, on the second board, trace the positioning mark of the two clips, and pre-drill holes in staggered rows as shown in the figure. 

montage du cobra d Lock

NEXT - Screwing of following board

6 - Flip the board, and insert it in the first board. 

Use a DECKSPACER® provided in the kit to ensure a 4 mm minimum clearance between boards.

7 - Screw in the clip with a 4 x 40 mm stainless steel screw

1st step

First, the drilling template is fastened to position the Cobra D-Lock clips

2nd step

Flip the deck board

3rd step

Place the deck board against the one previously installed

4nd step

With DeckSpacer board spacers, you can adjust the board to ensure Building Codes compliant installation

Technical documents

  • Fiche produit Cobra DLock.pdf

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