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StructurAL® CERAM 40 x 60 mm aluminium joist

A stable and durable aluminium structure for ceramic tiles

Guaranteed for 25 years
Stable structure
Quick to install
aluminium joist for tiles
Know everything
  • Rot-proof - Weather resistant
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Removable and light structure
  • Stable and mechanically resistant
  • Perfect flatness with installation on adjustable NIVO® pedestals
  • Lifetime warranty

Discover Structur’AL® for stoneware tiles

Structur’AL® for stoneware tiles is compatible with the main square or rectangular formats. A fastening system for aluminium joists using clips on adjustable pedestals intended to offer a unique, stable, removable and perfectly rot-proof structure! Supplied with a set of accessories facilitating installation, clean finishes and comfortable use. This system guarantees perfect flatness for your structure without any risk of warping and lets you mix various formats in order for your creativity to run wild!


Section: 40mm x 60mm
Length: 3m
Thickness: 2mm
Matte black powder-coated aluminium
Alloy 6065 T5
Related components
Top and bottom hook
Aluminium skirting board
Self-adhesive EDPM tape
Clip-on/clip-off system using the NIVO over-pedestal
Compatible with adjustable NIVO pedestals

Aluminium structure for ceramic tiles

A hyper-stable structure for ceramic tiles

A unique structure to combine all possibilities

Structur’AL installs rectangular and square format ceramic tiles indifferently and especially responds to the constraints of new rectangular formats that are incompatible with traditional installation of adjustable pedestals. A set of finishing accessories facilitates simple and clean coverage.


Perfect flatness

With Structur’AL, you quickly obtain a flat structure guaranteeing perfect installation without risk of maladjustment. No need to adjust an impossible number of self-levelling pedestals and to adjust tile after tile.

Installation of CERAM deck skirting boards

The aluminium structure is offered for the implementation of stoneware tiles with a set of accessories to combine different formats and even to associate them with deck boards!

Rigid and rot-proof, Structur'AL Ceram ensures very good stability and very good performance over time for your ceramic materials. No more warping for large formats and maximum installation comfort for rectangular formats.

A removable system

Structur’AL is compatible with adjustable NIVO® pedestals using a NIVO® over-pedestal which connects between aluminium joists and the adjustable pedestal. The aluminium joist fastens on the over-pedestal by simple pressure and releases just as easily. Perfectly compatible on water-proof capacity.

Components of the StructurAL® CERAM design

  • Cross-bars
    • • Polymer clip
    • • Snap-blade cross-bars
  • Top and bottom hooks
    • • Skirting board fastening
    • • Aluminium
    • •Supplied with self-drilling screws
  • Aluminium skirting board
    • • Skirting board finish
    • • Dimensions 15x35x1000mm
  • EDPM tape
    • • Reduction of noise and vibrations
    • • Th.: 5 mm - L=20 m
    • • Density: 110 kg/m3 - Shore A hardness: 35
  • Over-pedestal
    • • Fastening of aluminium joists - on NIVO® tile pedestals
    • • Thickness: 20mm
    • • Diameter: 122mm

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