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StructurAL® 40 x 60 mm aluminium joist

A durable and resistant structure for wood deck boards

Guaranteed for 25 years
Very stable
Know everything
  • Rot-proof - Weather resistant
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Removable modular design
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • No warping - Perfect flatness
  • Guaranteed for 25 years

A modular and durable design

The Structur’AL® design is an assembly system for aluminium joists which clip onto NIVO® adjustable pedestals. Offered for both the installation of deck boards and the installation of stoneware tiles, this design offers many possibilities in a single structure!

Completely rot-proof and removable, this system is more effective than pine or exotic wood joists and fully satisfies new technical requirements. It helps you not worry about the durability of your joists!


Section: 40mmx60mm
Length: 3m
Thickness: 2mm
Matte black powder-coated aluminium
Alloy 6063 T5
Related components
Aluminium square 35 x 35 x 35 mm + metal screw
Joist connection sleeve 35 x 175 mm
Over-pedestal for NIVO® tile pedestal
Cobra Tee Al + Universal clip
Start/end clip
EPDM adhesive tape
Clip-on/clip-off system using the NIVO over-pedestal
80 cm spacing between 2 pedestals

Quick and easy installation

Installation and disassembly of the StructurAL® joist

The aluminium joist easily clips on the over-pedestal. Simply press on the over-pedestal to unclip it!

Durable no matter what

The StructurAL® aluminium structure concept offers you the guarantee of a completely rot-proof structure that is at least as durable as your boards. There will be no worries regarding the long-term performance of your joists: even in highly humid areas, your structure will not rot or warp, unlike traditional wood structures.

A deck for life!

Unlike wood joists, aluminium joists are absolutely rot-proof and completely resistant to moisture and mould. As load-bearing components, aluminium joists are also adapted to the installation of deck structures in high-humidity areas without risk of warping or rot.

An easy-to-install joist

Easy to implement

Aluminium joists have a specific profile which helps them easily clip on NIVO tile pedestals using an over-pedestal. Removable, the Structur’AL design very easily assembles using the linearity of aluminium joists and assembly accessories.

Fastening with universal clip

Aluminium joists are reversible and may clip on both sides: a smooth side for traditional screwing with self-drilling screws or a grooved side for invisible fastening with the Cobra Tee AL clip. Compatible with wood deck boards and composite wood deck boards.

Components of the StructurAL® design

  • Square
    • • Spacer fastening
    • • Dimensions 35x35x35mm
    • • Provided with self-drilling screws
  • Cobra Tee AL
    • • For Wood & Composite Wood Decks
    • • Universal dual-material clip
    • • Integrated screw
    • • Provided in bags of 90 clips + screws
  • Joist connection sleeve
    • • For joist connection
    • • Sizes: 35x175mm
    • • Provided with self-drilling screws
  • Start/end clip
    • • Matte black powder-coated clip
    • • Adapts to the thickness of the deck board
    • • Sizes: 35x175mm
    • • Provided with self-drilling screws
  • Over-pedestal
    • • Junction part between adjustable pedestals and aluminium joists
    • • Helps clip on and clip off the joist
    • •Easily disassembled
  • Stainless steel screws for aluminium joist finish
    • • Brown or grey powder-coated screw
    • • Adapts to the colour of the deck board
    • • Dimensions 4x35mm
    • • TORX T5 head
  • Self-adhesive EDPM tape 20m
    • • 10 x 5 mm - length 20 m
    • • Reduction of vibrations and noise
    • • Density: 110 kg/m3 - Shore A: 35

Technical documents

  • Fiche produit StructurAL terrasse bois.pdf
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