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LUXO facade cladding – ALUW® Technology

A cladding kit for aluminium and wood façade cladding

Wind resistant
25-year guarantee
Easy to install
All you need to know
  • ALUW® technology
  • Remarkable wood appearance
  • Multi-chromatic tint
  • Fade-free and maintenance-free
  • Stable and durable

LUXO facade cladding board


ALUW® - Aluminium 6063 T5 + Co-extruded polymer
Thermal expansion
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 25 µm/m/°C
Reaction to fire (EN13501
On request
40x60mm - 50x150mm - 50x200mm
Young's modulus
69.8 GPa
Formaldehyde emission
Standard length
Fish coefficient
Fish coefficient: 0.33
Equipment supplied
Finishing spigot + Finger joint sleeve
25 years
Elastic limit
130 MPa
stainless steel screw A2 4.2x16mm countersunk head
Product highlights
  • Coextruded polymer layer
  • Recycled aluminium core
  • Reinforcements for screwing

ALUW® Technology

Fiberdeck® has developed ALUW®, an innovative material based on advanced technology. This innovative composite combines an aluminium profile, a copolymer resin and a co-extrusion layer. Designed specifically for a variety of exterior applications such as facade cladding, louvres, brise-soleils, fencing slats and other types of exterior cladding, ALUW® stands out for its unrivalled performance.

A unique composite material

ALUW® incorporates three distinct materials:

1. Aluminium (6063T5)

A material with stable, robust properties, aluminium produces light, sleek, robust profiles, making it an ideal structural component. Precision machining ensures quality assembly and long service life.

2. Copolymer resin

This high-adhesion resin effectively bonds the aluminium structure to the co-extrusion layer, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

3. Fiberdeck® co-extrusion layer

The outer co-extrusion layer is based on the same technology as Fiberdeck® decking or cladding. Non-porous and maintenance-free, it retains its aesthetic properties over time and closely mimics the visual and tactile qualities of natural exotic woods.

Improved durability and aesthetics

Unlike traditional decorative films or epoxy lacquer finishes, ALUW® profiles offer superior durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand the elements better than other aluminium profiles and are three times lighter than traditional wood composite profiles.

The multi-chromatic colours and light brushing blend harmoniously into the decor, creating an exceptional, warm wood finish. Combined with the durability of co-extrusion, ALUW® profiles are unique on the market.

The LUXO façade cladding kit

The LUXO Façade Cladding kit includes façade cladding slats supplied with a lacquered aluminium finishing cap fixed at one end with screws in the profiles, as well as an aluminium connecting sleeve to ensure their connection. The standard length of these blades is 2.9 metres. Pre-fitting saves time during installation.

Installing LUXO cladding

LUXO façade louvres in co-extruded aluminium are easy to install and can be adapted to a variety of installation solutions and uses. Pre-installed sleeves allow them to be connected together. They are fixed directly to the façade with stainless steel or aluminium brackets, using self-drilling screws in the walls, reinforced at each connection point by an additional 2.5 mm, in compliance with new regulations. They are fixed to the façade using a set of brackets or hooks and rails.

Improved thermal comfort

LUXO® kits are perfectly suited to use as façade sunbreakers. The finger-jointing principle and the rigidity of aluminium make it easy to clad long lengths. They contribute to new technical solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption in buildings.

They limit direct solar radiation and let in as much natural light as possible for optimum living comfort. By regulating incoming heat in this way, LUXO® kits fit perfectly into overall strategies for improving passive thermal comfort.

Architectural freedom

The variety of ways in which LUXO® kits can be used gives free rein to architectural creativity. They add an artistic and aesthetic dimension to facades. The 3 sections create both volume and depth. The spacing between the profiles adds rhythm and gives façades a unique and attractive appearance.

LUXO® kits can be adapted to the specific requirements of each project, making them an essential element for architects who want to combine functionality and aesthetics.

Technical documents

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