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BITUDECK® joist barrier tape

Increases the lifespan of wooden joists

Very easy to apply
bande bitumineuse pour lambourde
Know everything
  • Increases the lifespan of wooden joists
  • Recommended by Building Codes - Outdoor wooden decking
  • Waterproof - Absorbs sound
  • Discreet matte black strip (no reflection between boards)
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Self-adhesive when cold, easy and practical to use

The solution to increase the lifespan of your joists

BITUDECK® tape is a sealing tape, composed of a thick layer of asphalt covered with a matte black,  opaque HDPE film.

BITUDECK® joist barrier tape, sold as 10 ml rolls, covers about 4 m2 of deck.

Its 75-mm width covers all types of joists. It is applied between +5°C and +35°C, on non-frozen support, but is more easily handled under heat. 

This tape considerably lengthens the lifespan of your pine joists as long as they are well-ventilated and away from stagnating water.


10 ml roll
1.5 mm thick
75 mm wide
Resistant to traction
150 Newton
Resistance to nail tearin
25 Newton
Service temperature
-20°C to +70°C
0.3 Mpa, 120 min

Installation of BITUDECK® tape

100% waterproof protection

Deck wood joists are exposed to rain water on their upper surface. Areas sensitive to water stagnation may form over time and cause mould development.  Effective protection of their surface to make them waterproof helps prolong their lifespan.

It efficiently protects the structure’s joists from rain water. This guarantees the deck's waterproofing and therefore its durability.

Bitudeck® joist barrier tape with its asphalt base composition prevents any infiltration on the surface of joists. Deck screw points twist in the asphalt during penetration in the joist, which ensures a much more effective sealing point than simple EPDM tape.

bande bitumineuse pour lambourde

Increases the lifespan of joists

Resistant over time

This special composition based on elastomeric bitumen and resins provides several advantages to ensure structural longevity. This helps it resist stripping, warping, extreme temperatures (-20°C to +50°C), bad weather, UV rays, corrosion and steam. Joists are protected to last as long as your boards, see more... 

Reduces sound impact

Also reduces sound resonance: the sound impact of a shoe is more pronounced on wood than on stone. The use of our Bitudeck® tape cuts the noise between structure parts and the decking in half, in the same way as a resilient tape.

Self-adhesive tape

BITUDECK® tape is applied cold, preferably at a temperature over 10°C. Remove the protective strip from the lower side on the self-adhesive part.

The self-adhesive part helps to correctly position it on the joist, but adhesion will improve over time under the effect of heat, which melts the butyl.

Very simple to install

BITUDECK® acts like a sealing barrier by wrapping around the screw and protecting joists from potential infiltration in the cracks and holes of decking board screws. That is the most sensitive point in structure ageing. Owing to many incidents on treated pine joist in humid areas, it is advisable to use BITUDECK® tape to prevent any rotting of your wood structure due to these water traps (screw holes and surface cracks).

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