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Cobra® DECKSPACER board spacer

Create the ideal space between your boards

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Time savings
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  • Compliant with Building Codes - (3 mm between wood boards is recommended)
  • 3-4-5-6 mm - thickness per flange
  • Time savings - Secure the installation
  • Easily installed
  • Multi-use thanks to flanges and length


15 mm long
4 flanges, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm thick
8 board spacers
schéma de l'espaceur de lame deckspacer

Regular spacing

In order to evacuate rain water and various waste products, spacing between deck boards is recommended and must be complied with.

However, the spacing between boards varies depending on the material's nature: Natural wood or composite wood. These two materials do not have the same dimensional variation and must thus have their own board spacing recommendations.  Composite wood expands lengthwise depending on temperature variations, while natural wood varies width-wise depending on humidity variations.


Compliant with Building Codes

This is governed by Building Codes, which, on the basis of various technical elements, recommends a certain number of actions to comply with for deck board spacing in order to obtain a good-quality deck.

For natural wood with a screwed installation, it is thus recommended to comply with a certain deck board spacing during installation. This spacing must be at least 3 millimetres as dictated by the Building Codes.

Moreover, the wood deck Building Codes indicates that during a deck board installation, screwing at the end of the board must be conducted at least 15 millimetres from the end.

Unlike natural wood, composite wood undergoes linear expansion, which varies according to temperature extremes.

Without any regulations on this type of materials, all composite board suppliers recommend a minimum gap between and at the end of the board in order to better manage material expansion. At Fiberdeck, we recommend a 5 millimetre gap, both at the end of the board and between boards.

schéma de l'espaceur de lame deckspacer

Adapted to all types of boards

In collaboration our engineers, we have tried to meet this expectation with a versatile and resistant product.

Created by Fiberdeck, the Cobra Deck Spacer meets Building Codes expectations and also adapts to different materials present on the market.


As you can see on the side drawing, the Cobra Deck Spacer is composed of 4 flanges, 3, 4, 5 and 6 millimetres in width, in order to meet all board spacing needs.

Time saved when installing your boards

Very quick to install and ultra-resistant, each spacer has 4 flanges (4 thicknesses: 3, 4, 5 et 6 millimetres) which help you adapt to each material and each deck easily and quickly.

Moreover, the width of each flange is 15 millimetres. The Cobra Deck Spacer also lets you comply with the positioning of screws at the end of boards, which is recommended by the Building Codes, at least 15 millimetres from the edge.


In conclusion, by placing the spacer between the sides of the two boards, you may thus ensure the desired spacing, and use it as a screw stop, 15 mm from the outer edge of each board.

Flexible, resistant, easy and quick to use, the Cobra Deck Spacer is thus the solution for all your deck projects, whether natural or composite wood. It meets all your expectations.

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