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Cobra® WPC coloured stainless steel screws for composite decks

A coloured Cobra® WPC stainless steel screw for composite decks

Know everything
  • Two 304-grade stainless steel colours to choose from (A2)
  • Composite wood special
  • Compliant with Building Codes Outdoor decking
  • For wood joists (also available for aluminium joists)


304-grade stainless steel (A2)
316-grade stainless steel (A4)
Cobra Razorspin: 5x50mm, 5x60mm, 6x70mm
Cobra WPC: 5x50mm, 5x63mm

Stainless steel screws for composite wood

Double threading and a self-drilling point for easy drilling and a clean surface. Reliable and effective fastening screw for composite wood.

Pre-drilling is recommended.
The concave screw head retains excess material. The colour of the screw, coordinated with that of the board, helps obtain an impeccable finish.

Two colours of screws are available: Grey and Brown 

emballage des vis cobra

100 screw package

Cobra® WPC screws are offered as small packages of 100 screws.

Technical documents

  • NIVO & COBRA Catalog.pdf

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