Get the best in composite wood

Fiberdeck deck and siding boards have been developed by the world’s top technology in composite wood. The high quality of our co-extruded range essentially relies on the excellence of bio-sourced, high-tech co-extruded raw materials , and on the remarkable reliability of our manufacturing processes.

couche co-extrudée sur lame de terrasse

State-of-the-art technology: co-extrusion

Co-extrusion is emerging as the new technology that is revolutionizing the composite wood market. The recurrent problems of stains and discoloration of first generation mono-extruded blades have led researchers and engineers to develop a new technology: co-extrusion. Fiberdeck® offers a range of 100% co-extruded profiles that meet the needs of consumers. Co-extruded woods offer a superior guarantee compared to all other products on the market. Their use in cladding, decking and fencing provides undeniable benefits in terms of use, maintenance and durability.

Unrivalled quality

Co-extrusion consists in applying a very thin polyethylene film in fusion directly on the composite wood. This polyethylene-based protective film has been the subject of consistent research and development with accelerated ageing and light resistance tests. The application of the film at very high temperature on the core of the profile makes it perfectly integral with the composite wood. This waterproof film protects the wood from moisture absorption and stabilizes the material. Expansion is also reduced to a minimum.

With nearly 10 years of experience feedback on this new technology and several million square metres marketed to date in a wide variety of climates, we can guarantee our products for 25 years in residential use and 10 years in commercial use.

Protected forests

Our co-extruded composite wood is 95% made of wood waste and recycled polymers. Apart from the co-extrusion layer, we no longer use virgin polymer resins.
Wood, which accounts for the majority of the product's volume (nearly 60%), comes from industrial waste from secondary processing, while polymers come from recycled plastic bottles.

Tens of thousands of tons of waste are recycled each year to produce a product with superior performance over wood. Made from recycled waste, the material produced is in turn 100% recyclable and does not release any toxic products.

Fiberdeck® composite wood thus offers an attractive alternative to tropical woods, often from primary forests, which are becoming increasingly scarce and can no longer meet growing consumer demand. Thus, with superior performance over wood for outdoor use, Fiberdeck® products are suitable for High Environmental Quality (HEQ) projects.

The values we share

Continuous innovation

As a pioneer in many areas, we are constantly looking for new products and solutions to advance product sustainability and simplify their implementation.

The satisfaction of our customers

Being attentive and responsive to requests, we give ourselves the means to do so, with as a priority a large available stock, very short delivery times, efficient and well-organized logistics. 

A team spirit

Fiberdeck is a small, young and dynamic team that shares the same values and favours collaborative work. Our strength lies in our sense of sharing and mutual support.

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