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WEO® Brise-Soleil

Enjoy natural light without letting the heat in!

20-years warranty
Everything there is to know
  • Reinforced profile with 2 mm aluminium tube
  • Exceptional natural wood imitation
  • Colour guaranteed for 20 years
  • Multi-chromatic colours
  • Easy to implement

48-72h delivery


40% Polyethylene HD + 60% Wood fibre
Density of wood composite
1170 kg/m3
Profile wall thickness
5 mm
0,0389 mm/m/°C
Thermal Conductivity
Delta E = 1,09 < 5
42x60 mm
52x100 mm
62x120 mm
Standard length
4 m
Product Benefits
  • Co-extrusion layer
  • Aluminium reinforcement
  • Light - Alveolar

A contemporary architectural feature

WEO® Brise-Soleil is a contemporary architectural feature used for reducing discomfort caused by direct sunlight. It enables users to enjoy natural light without letting the heat in!

Brise-Soleil, or sunshade, systems are often used in designing HEQ (High Environmental Quality) or "low-energy" buildings in order to regulate the penetration of sun rays inside the residence or workspace.

These profiles are decorative. They have no waterproofing or insulation properties for the building. Brise-Soleil systems can be used for all types of public spaces, commercial buildings, and single and multi-family homes without any restrictions. Fire rating not applicable.

Natural colour guaranteed for 20 years

As an exceptional benefit, the co-extruded protective coating resists fading for over 20 years, and keeps its wood appearance with remarkable colour intensity.

Just like WEO co-extruded composite woods, our Brise-Soleil systems are protected by a thin layer of UV-resistant polymers.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum. The external appearance of the building remains unchanged throughout the years.

WEO® Brise-Soleil systems are offered in two exotic wood colours: Teak and Ipe.

A 2 mm-thick aluminium reinforcement

The WEO® Brise-Soleil range is composed of two distinct components: a rectangular composite wood profile and a 2-mm thick aluminium reinforcement (20x30, 40x40 and 50x50 mm) that fits the Brise-Soleil profile.

The aluminium reinforcement supports bending forces exerted between the two support points, thus limiting the deformation of the profile to less than 1.5 mm.

WEO® Brise-Soleil systems are always delivered with their aluminium reinforcements.

Vertical and horizontal installation principle

The maximum spacing between the two supports cannot exceed 3 m or 50 cm for overhangs.

Direct fastening method

WEO® Brise-Soleil systems may be directly fastened on a wooden or metal wall using self-drilling screws or stainless-steel rivets.

Stainless steel screws, at least 5 mm in diameter, must be fastened in the aluminium tube provided with the profile.

Using 4.8 mm diameter rivets is also possible.

Bracket fastening method

WEO® Brise-Soleil systems may be fastened onto concrete walls or metal structures using stainless steel brackets.

The connection point with the WEO® profile must always be on the aluminium tube.

Bolts with cover nuts or stainless-steel rivets ensure fastening on the bracket. 

Brackets can offer variable angles in order to change the orientation of the Brise-Soleil system on the façade.

Finishing caps

End caps of the same colour and the same material as the WEO® Brise-Soleil systems are available in both colours to guarantee a neat finish.

Caps clip on at the ends of profiles. Adding adhesive for better adherence is recommended.

The aluminium tube must be adjusted accordingly to enable proper cap positioning.

WEO® Brise-Soleil

Technical documents

  • WEO BRISE-SOLEIL (Sunshade).pdf
  • Brise Soleil Install manual.pdf
  • .pdf

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