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HERITAGE composite decking

A decking board with a sculpted character

95% recycled
Ocean Grey
Indian Summer
Havana Brown
All you need to know
  • Co-extruded decking
  • Exotic Wood relief grained surface
  • Multi-chromatic colours
  • Stain and fading resistant
  • Matte smooth face

Exotic wood appearance

The new Fiberdeck® HERITAGE composite decking appears to perfectly imitate exotic wood. The pores of the wood are reproduced in every details. The surface of the board has irregularities that catch the light and dance. It is like an "adze", the ancestral tool used by carpenters to plane a piece of wood.

This board benefits from a new co-extruded coating that is very resistant to abrasion. The protective layer is hard and limits scratches. This layer is present on all 4 sides of the decking board.

Finally, this solid board is available in 3 multi-chromatic colours: Ocean gray, Indian Summer and Havana Brown to get as close as possible to a natural exotic decking.

Product benefits
  • 360° coextruded cap
  • Perfect imitation of Exotic wood
  • Cobra Hybrid Clip

48-72h delivery


40% Polyethylene HD + 60% Wood fibre
0.0389 mm/m/°C
22.5 x 138 x 4000 mm
1170 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity
Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clip
Elastic modulus
3100 Mpa
Delta E = 1,09 < 5
Extrusion type
coextrusion 360

Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clip installation

HERITAGE decking boards must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions using Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clips. A bag of 90 clips fasteners is sufficient for about 5 m2 of deck.

These new dual-material clips help hold the stainless-steel screws in place during installation. This saves considerable time during installation. Moreover, the universal stainless-steel screws are self-drilling in softwoods, exotic woods and aluminium joists.

Boards fastened using Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clips can be easily removed without disassembling the entire deck.

Joist gaps (centre-to-centre distance) are at most 40 cm for HERITAGE boards. Applying a joist barrier on softwood/hardwood joists to extend their durability is recommended.

Fiberdeck guarantees that for a 20-year period under normal and correct service conditions, in accordance with instructions written by Fiberdeck, HERITAGE boards will not be subject to any defect related to their manufacturing, cracks, splinters, delamination, rotting or structural damage caused by fungi, wood-eating insect or termite attacks.

Fiberdeck guarantees the resistance of HERITAGE deck boards to stains and fading, subject to compliance with instructions for installation and use in residential applications.

HERITAGE deck boards are fully resistant to stains, and its radiance is sustained by a co-extrusion process, which covers the board with a pure polyethylene film to ensure perfect sealing of the coating. Maintenance is easier and is limited to just rinsing with water.

The high-density polyethylene and wood fibre mixture forming the board’s core also ensures very good resistance to knocks and wear.

HERITAGE is an environmentally-friendly product. 95% manufactured with raw materials from the recycling industry, the decking is also entirely recyclable.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from the recycling of plastic waste (plastic bottles), and the wood fibres come from sawdust from manufacturers such as furniture makers.

Manufacturing HERITAGE deck boards does not harm tropical forests and is an attractive alternative to exotic timber.

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