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Cobra® SEAL boat deck seal

Prevents the passage of impurities, improves anti-slip properties.

Know everything
  • Waterproof elastomer seal between boards spaced 4 mm to 6 mm apart
  • Resists temperatures ranging from -50°C to +90°C
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy installation, just by pressing


Thermoplastic elastomer rubber
Hollow profile
35 ml roll

Use of Cobra seal

The Cobra® Boat Deck SEAL is mainly intended for covered decks or restaurant decks. By preventing the passage of impurities between boards, it thus prevents an accumulation of dirt under the deck. Nevertheless, you should ensure good ventilation under the deck.

Made of thermoplastic elastomer rubber, Cobra® Boat Deck SEAL is fully resistant to atmospheric agents, ageing and UV rays.

Cell profile

Cobra® SEAL was designed to enable the width expansion of deck boards. Its hollow profile gives clearance of a few millimetres, depending on hygrometric variations of the air and outside temperature.

Between 3.5 and 5 m2 per roll

As a function of deck board width, the 35 ml packaging can cover a surface of 3.5 to 5 m2


Seal installation

The elastomer seal is applied between boards with simple thumb pressure during application.


Technical documents

  • Fiche produit Joint pont bateau.pdf
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