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SANCTUARY composite deck boards

A structured décor with brushed-wood effect

Guaranteed for 25 years
detail sanctuary earl gray
Earl Grey
detail lame composite sanctuary latte
lame expresso sanctuary
lame sanctuary de profil
Know everything
  • Co-extruded deck board on 3 sides
  • 1 smooth wood texture side
  • 3 multi-chromatic colours
  • Removable board with invisible fasteners
  • Guaranteed for 25 years against fading and stains

Structured décor with wood graining

SANCTUARY composite deck boards have a unique décor, which perfectly imitates a wooden board surface.  In addition to the number of pores, you can see the dish-shaped marks of the alternating "summer and spring wood" rings of softwood.

Colours are also very well imitated with an old wood patina in slate grey (Earl Grey) or woody tones (Latte). Modern grey and taupe tones with more or less dark gradation give rhythm to the deck and contribute to its vibrant character.

A SANCTUARY composite board deck thus gives off a feeling of comfort related to its perfect imitation of wood, while keeping its advantages of low maintenance, but especially the conservation of its intense colours over time.

Product benefits
  • Co-extruded protection
  • 1 useful side
  • Stainless steel fastener groove


45% Polyethylene HD + 55% Wood fibre
0.03 mm/m/°C
24 x 135 x 3650 mm (grooved)
24 x 135 x 2440 mm (non-grooved)
1100 kg/m3
Slipping (DIN 5110)
Cobra 24 stainless steel clip
Elasticity modulus
Delta E <5
Extrusion type

Co-extruded protection layer

A fine layer of polyethylene, covering the SANCTUARY board surface, efficiently protects the composite wood against water and any moisture pick-up. Expansions recorded are very low, with only 0.9 mm per linear meter when exposed to a 30° temperature variation.
The board is completely rain-proof. Good run-off prevents water from penetrating the protected composite wood. Powerful UV-resistant additives are also added to the formula of this fine protective layer to avoid any fading over time.
The application of this over-layer is conducted at the same time as the extrusion to obtain a fusion of materials and perfect adherence over time.

No fading and no stains

In addition to their UV resistance and the absence of any fading guaranteed for 25 years, SANCTUARY co-extruded boards require very little maintenance. Stains such as grease, wine or ketchup can be cleaned easily using soapy water. 
It is, however, recommended to wash your deck using a pressure washer (120 bar maximum) at least once a year to remove any moss and lichen, which tend to accumulate in the winter and more specifically in parts not exposed to the sun.
Washing tougher stains may be done with mild solvents, such as white spirit, without risk of fading.

Fiberdeck guarantees that for a 25-year period under normal and correct service conditions, and under installation conditions in compliance with instructions written by Fiberdeck, SANCTUARY boards will not be subject to any defect related to their manufacturing, cracks, splinters, delamination, rotting or structural damage caused by fungi, wood-eating insect or termite attacks.

Fiberdeck guarantees the resistance of SANCTUARY deck boardsto stains and fadingsubject to compliance with instructions for installation and use in residential applications.

SANCTUARY deck boards are fully resistant to stains, and their radiance is sustained by a co-extrusion process, which covers the board with a pure polyethylene film to ensure perfect sealing of the coating. Maintenance is easier and is limited to simple water rinsing.

Invisible fastening with Cobra 24 stainless steel clips

Fiberon SANCTUARY boards must be implemented in compliance with the installation notice using Cobra 24 stainless steel clips. A bag of 90 clips is required to fasten 4.5 m2 of boards. Board gaps (centre-to-centre distances) should be at most 40 cm. 
Stainless steel screws delivered in clip bags are self-drilling in softwood. It is preferable to drill a guide hole for exotic woods. When installed on aluminium joists, stainless steel "metal" self-drilling screws must be used.
Cobra 24 clips with their underside grip sets ensure excellent maintenance of boards on joists. These clips may easily be removed in order to remove a board and change it without disassembling the entire deck.
It is recommended to apply a BITUDECK joist barrier on softwood joists to improve their long-term performance and prevent the infiltration of water in potential cracks.

Boards calculator

SANCTUARY composite deck boards are eco-friendly products. 95% manufactured with raw materials from the recycling industry, the boards are also entirely recyclable.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from the recycling of plastic waste (plastic bottles), and the wood fibres come from sawdust from manufacturers such as furniture makers.

The manufacture of SANCTUARY composite deck boards does not harm tropical forests; it is an interesting alternative to exotic woods.

plinthe de finition

Finishing boards without grooves

Full profile boards identical to SANCTUARY grooved boards, but without grooves on the sides, 24 x 135 mm, 2440 mm in length and available in the same 3 colours: Earl Grey / Latte / Espresso, help create finishing strips around the deck, but also sundecks around a swimming pool, stairs and floor openings.

Stainless steel 304 Cobra WPC screws, 5 x 63 mm, offered in the same colour as the boards for more discretion, are used to fasten these finishing boards.

Finally, it is always possible to use an aluminium angle bar to ensure the peripheral contour of the deck and mask the junction between two grooved boards.

Technical documents

SANCTUARY composite decks

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